Covino & Rich— Wednesday 1\16\20

Show Topics:


  • 8:00 AM Users are losers, so don’t do drugs. 
  • :11 AM People smoked cigarettes everywhere back in the day. We went from smoking a cigarette being the coolest thing and then ten years later and it being the worst thing ever… Spots chain-smoking neighbor (:14 AM) Rich takes us back to 1997 when his mom found Altoids in his car and thought they were drugs (:20 AM)
  • :31 AM Being a teenage and having sex with weird objects. The grapefruit technique (:36 AM). Rich and wife are now thinking if they have a boy, they’ll be washing ‘hard” sheets (:42 AM)
  • :50 AM Rich wants a moment of peace with his self and his daughter won’t seem to let up and his wife isn’t coming to his defense for “man-time”


  • 9:10 AM Renegotiation is coming up and this is the time you work a little harder so it works out in your best interest. Covino is stressed because he has to do his music show while in Vegas, when there are many fill-ins. Jason Ellis calls in to say he will cover his shift and now Covino doesn’t want a fill in… 
  • :21 AM Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury upcoming fight could mean a lot…Fury is getting ready by masturbating 7 times a day. 
  • :29 AM Odell Beckham Jr. has a warrant out for his arrest 
  • :40 AM Would you go to the Superbowl for the bragging rights or the live fan experience?
  • :53 AM Spots Coldplay experience last night 


  • Where and when the Guac-off should be…
  • Where this year’s convention should be…