Covino & Rich— Monday 9/9/19

Show Topics:

  • Monday means football,  and after the first official weekend we’ve got to let some things off our chest. Antonio Brown was a weekend hot topic, Jerry Jones is the guy we all want to be and Sunday Night Football makes us change our routine.
  • Rich is feeling funky and in a weird mood today because he’s watching a show that shifts his energy, The Handmaids Tale.
  • We now have a new found appreciation for Archie, because he plays no games when it comes to retrieving his things. Also we learned that he had a “adventurous” weekend, during Labor Day weekend. Let’s just say, Find My iPhone comes in handy.
  • Don’t you hate sloppy people? We do! Covino goes into a mini rant about some folks lifestyles.
  • Friend In Need: guy doesn’t want anything to do with the baby on the way… what a piece of crap guy!
  • It’s trending, so we must ask, what’s your ultimate PBJ sandwich?