Covino & Rich— Monday 9\21\20

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  • 8:11AM NFL Weekend 2 recap! From Cam Newton and Greg Olsen’s bromance, the 49ers playing the worst teams, Patriots and Chiefs doing well, to the injuries… we’re covering it all.
  • :28 AM Trump calls Colby Covington during post-match interview to congratulate him on win over Tyron Woodley has to be a cool feeling as a supporter.
  • :47 AM Covino finally went to the chiropractor after a year of suffering from back pains and he feels like a new man!


  • :16 AM What is the film that you think everyone should have seen and if they haven’t you lose respect ASAP?
  • :35 AM Covino has been taking baths for the last 6 weeks and he think it’s so boring. We think it’s because of his little boy tub… let’s explain.
  • :53 AM Ruth Bader Ginsberg died over the weekend and although its unfortunately, Covino is bothered by those dramatically reacting on social media when they probably never cared about her before. The bandwagon tactic.


  • :29 AM Covino is in the market for a house but feels uncertain with how the year has gone and no guaranteed with new contracts.
  • :41 AM Lakers’ JR Smith hilariously misses chest bump with LeBron James and Alex Caruso during Game 2 vs Nuggets.
  • :45 AM Some would say there’s less pressure playing a game with no fans or an award show (Emmy’s) on zoom and then there’s some who would just call it weird!
  • :48 AM Watching “The Challenger” on Netflix got Rich and his wife asking the question of when was the last time we have come together as a nation to cheers something on?