Covino & Rich— Monday 9\16\19

Show Topics:

  • “Hey there Twitter world,” happy Mexican Independence day! This past weekend was full of sports. Tyson Fury had a strong night, and we are all watching the NFL. We talk our football takeaways.
  • Covino can’t seem to shake his back pains! He’s thinking it’s “spinal” and that his whole back is broken. Expert Rich tries to save the day with his diagnosis. The back problem is such a hassle that it’s affecting Covino’s sleep, as he’s up watching archived videos of The Beastie Boys.
  • How would you feel about a good American game at The BBC… BangBros plans to own an arena.
  • We lost a car, R.I.P to a member of “The Cars,” we play some of their hits and talk our previous cars owned in our lifetime.
  • Rich bought a new home gadget, and he’s wondering if it’s one of those things that you store away while company is over.
  • Friend In Need: Single parents are dating, but the female who is active on social media will not post with or about the new boyfriend, and he’s asking lost of questions. Is her baby daddy psycho?
  • Antonio Brown is in the headlines again, and it’s not looking good for the guy, let’s talk!
  • It’s a dangerous world out here, especially for the ladies. What do you do when meeting a stranger. Rich gives an example of his photographer wife meeting a client, he once tailed them?! Is this wrong?