Covino & Rich— Monday, 8/5/19

Show Topics:

  • Today we started off the show by honoring those who died in the two mass shootings in Ohio and Texas. Rich is livid with some of the news articles. One brave mom who blocked her son from the shooter is now dead and the pictures they posted of her are selfies with Snapchat filters. Is this really the way these people who died should be honored! 
  • Covino has a fun filled weekend! He had a pool day on Saturday with his family and didn’t invited Spot 🙁 On Sunday he went to Venice Beach and he drove by the high school in Grease, Rydell High. He noticed that people don’t go to those landmarks in the city they live in cause they are always just there.
  • What movie trilogy has a great third film? Spot loves Godfather 3 and Back to the Future 3. He knows they aren’t peoples favorite but they are essential in completing the story. 
  • As you grow older does the brother/sister/ and older/younger sibling change? Rich says he is the oldest of all siblings and when he goes out to eat with them he still feels obligated to pay for lunch but there are times he asks his younger brother for advice because he has a kid after him. Covino compares this to when he interned with a host, he gets to refereed to as an “intern” and he thinks that demeaning. 
  • Rich says he has found a new midnight snack. His typical go to is popcorn but now he is hooked on McDonalds Vanilla Ice Cream. It is also low calorie! 
  • Retired football player, Marshawn Lynch, was confronted by an angry mom. He coaches at a youth football camp and he swears at the young players and uses the ‘n word’. He claims he doesn’t mean to disrespect anyone but he just wants to be hard on the kids so the become great players. Is he wrong for his tough coaching style? 
  • Rich is heartbroken. Before every show he gets an ice coffee at his favorite place, The Coffee Bean. Hes talked about the issues hes had with picking up his morning coffee before, since there is no parking on Hollywood Blvd. This morning he was confronted by a parking police yet again saying he is not allowed to park and run in anymore. He is upset cause his morning routine is completley ruined now! Is this is breakup with The Coffee Bean?!