Covino & Rich— Monday 8\24\20

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  • 8:03 AM The oddest thing happened to Rich on his walk over to Spots. He heard someone screaming, sounding like abuse but it turns out it was just morning sex. It was so enticing, he and an old guy neighbor lingered to hear more. (We dissect this situation for an hour). Do you like it loud? Is morning sex the best sex? Fantasies?
  • :42 AM When you’re single, sex is different. Even the most happiest of marriages can’t complete with hookups or newly dating sex. Do you enjoy dirty talk? Why or why not? It’s safe to say, things get creepy via Rich and we’re all very worried for his wife.


  • :29 AM Basketball over the weekend was so good, Luka Doncic’s game winner is proof that the NBA is having a step-back moment. Clippers’ Lou Williams hits unbelievable floater off the backboard vs. Mavs
  • :38 AM What we’re watching as of lately on TV…
  • :50 AM Trump announced this morning that we will see a vaccine before the election …


  • :23 AM Rich’s advice to single guys stems from his conversation with his Father-In-Law, see the world! AirBnb’s around the world are so affordable, why not take a year off and travel. Spot and Covino don’t see this happening for someone who wants advancement in life, single or not.
  • :45 AM Rich kind of assumes that people can just up and go and have 25K sitting around… Spot and Covino helplessly try to speak sense into him.