Covino & Rich— Monday, 8/19/19

Show Topics:

  • We hit a kink in the road today with the technical difficulties, but we are more live than ever!
  • Over the weekend Covino caught up with “The Boys” on Amazon and gets into the conversation of today’s many options that we can watch because of streaming. The guys talk the old days when there were fewer shows and everyone could relate because of low selection choices.
  • Is Covino’s girlfriend the only one who still plays Candy Crush, because Rich thinks so!
  • Parenting is tricky, but when you have kids under four years old, it’s assumed that you’re teaching them the ways of life and letting them do things so they know the praise and repercussions. But if you have an older kid, for example pushing toddlers around on the playground and they’re taking up the time on the slide, Rich has words for those parents!
  • Also, over the weekend there was a very exciting UFC fight that Covino had his eyes on, this topic prompts a old video that resurfaces about Bone Jones and Daniel Cormier going at it via video camera. The gift that keeps on giving.
  • We all age, some for the better and others for the worse, when were you in your prime!? The talk about celebrities who were at their peak of hotness.
  • Covino gets an alarming email from his mom of disappointment during the show, she’s not happy with him watching “Man Junk” on TV, as he previously spoke about scene in “The Boys,” and Rich is confused at how his mom can be so conservative about the human body on screen, and so, a debate unfolds.