Covino & Rich— Monday, 8/12/19

Show Topic:

  • The Road trip is upon and we want everyone to mark their calendars!
  • The guys are ready to tackle the week, as they first give a weekend recap. Covino’s birthday weekend went well, he got a new man bag (Tumi backpack) and had lots of cake to where he could of gained 6 pounds and oddly enough even when they aren’t together, they’re in sync as Rich ran into Covino at the mall. Have you were set out to visit your grandmother and got denied? Well, Rich has, which rounded off his weekend fun.
  • As we get older we must dress appropriately and jeans were today’s “fashion police” segment. What jeans are in style? Skinny vs Bell Bottoms.
  • As Covino loves a Tito’s after a hard day, Rich states that he only drinks socially, and made the pledge to give up drinking until the start of the road trip on 9/29.
  • Over the weekend the Orioles pulled off an astronomical upset over the Astros. The debate over baseball and football team commitments. Speaking of sports, NFL player Antonio Brown’s helmet drama is annoying us all, threating to not play unless he wears his old helmet. That customer service saying is brought up, “if we do if for you, then we have to for everyone,” the guys believe no you don’t, but moral of the story is Antonio is being a diva.
  • Friend in Need: listener, Mike is asking where to set the boundaries on his daughters friend who walks into their house. Rich loves the open door policy but Covino and Spot agree on the friend should ask first because you as the dad could be alone handling grown man things. The conversation moves into the understanding the balance of pushing, supporting and helping your kids into adulthood and how millennials age 23-37 are living and moving back home. 
  • Ran Dumb News: Kid in Utah seen holding a poster selling ice cold beer (root) local viral story. Suicide supposedly nearly impossible at ultra-secure Jeffrey Epstein lockup. Covino is stressing the fact that there would be no conspiracy if there was footage – and that this could have been a set up.
  • First date stories, when to call it a night. Spot gives his date story of dating an interns friends and she had a lazy eye who resembles Marty Feldman. Rich went on a date with a girl with really hairy arms, but after it made for a funny story.