Covino & Rich— Monday 8\10\20

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  • 8:03 AM Today is either going to go really well or not so much. Rich is broadcasting live on his way to get a Covid test to be welcomed back into Covino’s house after his hobnobbing Texas days.
  • :11 AM Covino gives us his birthday weekend update
  • :17 AM The new way of going out to restaurants is street seating and everything outside but we have serious concerns as they are just outside on top of each other.
  • :33 AM Covino saw their local homeless crossdresser with a partner over the weekend and this only justifies that there is love for everyone!
  • :44 AM Rich does his covid test live on air | :01 He got his results and it’s negative!


  • :15 AM Covino goes into depth about the drama at his pool on his birthday. He reserved the pool because that’s the new protocol and it didn’t go so well as other drunk adults were there – he confronted them and things got aggressive while he was trying to compromise. Covino was the male Karen, a Gary!
  • :48 AM Rich has a theory about Spot and Covino and why they are the way they are about this pandemic and it’s because they don’t have much or any family in the LA area.
  • :00 AM Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion’s latest song, “WAP” has us all a little uncomfortable because of the vulgarity. How do you protect your young kids from such mainstream nasty music?


  • :26 AM College football is suffering and players want to play, because their future depends on it. A story about how you are more likely to get corona throughout a normal routine over playing football.
  • :40 AM Rich doesn’t want his daughter to go to school and the first interaction she has making friends is with mask on. Spot, however is concerned about Rich because he is witnessing his slowly become one of the careless hobnobber.
  • :47 AM Rich goes over some of his top safety tips for a road trip.