Covino & Rich— Monday 7\6\20

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  • 8:04 AM Five year anniversary of our broadcast! Official broadcast from LA was at Henry Winkler’s house. A picture taken at Henry Winkler’s house is considered to be one of the worst pictures of Covino. 
  • :16 AM Covino’s Mexican word of the day is, “Ju-lied.” 
  • :22 AM Covino went to Idaho for the Fourth of July. He met Jordyn’s grandmother who loved the fact that he’s Italian. 
  • :29 AM Rich and his family took a roadtrip to Texas. Rich and Sara planned to have a steamy and relaxing few days alone at Sara’s best friend’s empty house. They both took a gummy edibles and turned on the Eurovision movie with Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams. While being stoned, Rich ate his favorite brisket from Rudy’s BBQ and got food poisoning from the tainted meat.
  • :02 AM On Covino’s way to Idaho he noticed a chubby Asian kid with grey hair at one of their stops. The lady at the gas station store thought the kid was his son.


  • :19 AM Covino watched the Queen documentary about Adam Lambert who became the lead singer of the band. He argues that Adam Lambert is a better singer than Freddy Mercury.  
  • :52 AM Kanye West has announced he’s running for president.
  • :55 AM These days you are either extreme left or extreme right, never in the middle. Different people will put you in a box.
  • :16 AM Rich’s crazy idea:The whole TV world has been shut down there’s going to be nothing new. What if NBC plays all the pilots that would’ve been and viewers can vote which pilot gets a full series.

  • :21 AM Chris Hemsworth is going to be playing Hulk Hogan in a biopic.


  •  :39 AM Broadway star, Nick Cordero passed away from complications from COVID. Currently, COVID cases are high but death rates are lower than ever. 
  • :50 AM One of Sara’s friends who is pregnant called a pizzeria and asked them to write, “special delivery” on the box and spell out, “Dad” on the pizza. The pepperoni had shifted around and instead of “Dad” it spelled out “Bab.”