Covino & Rich— Monday 7\27\20

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  • 8:06 AM Barbados is officially letting people move to their island to work remotely for a year. Should we move the show to Barbados?
  • :10 AM Working from home could last for another six months. There’s no urgency for us us to go back to the studios. Our advice, “Don’t be a Hobbit!” 
  • :25 AM Ivanka Trump advised people to find a new career path. Not everyone has many skills so changing careers is easier said than done. We are grateful to be in an industry that was able to adapt
  • :32 AM Spot doesn’t trust anyone because people are disgusting. Rich went to TopGolf and it felt super safe. It’s people like Rich who are keeping this quarantine last forever.
  • :42 AM The umpire and manager during the Pirates and Cardinals got into a disagreement social distancing style. 
  • :55 AM Unemployment is affecting a lot of people. We as a nation tend to be very selfish and neglect looking out for a fellow neighbor.
  • :06 AM Is trick-or-treating cancelled this year? Rich wants to go on his trip to the East coast no matter what this holiday season. Rich believes a vaccine is coming soon and the side-effects won’t be that bad. 


  • :31 AM Do you believe in conspiracy theories? There’s a lot of powerful people who could very well be involved in the sex-trafficking world. 
  • :34 AM Rich watched ‘Fear City: New York vs. The Mafia’ over the weekend. New York used to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world but now, it’s so much safer. We live in a way different world today.
  • :46 AM Regis Philbin, John Saxon and Olivia de Havilland all passed away over the weekend. When Regis Philbin started the famous suit trend in the early 2000s when he was was on ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?’
  • :48 AM New York Times reported on classified Pentagon hearings saying they have off world vehicles in their possession. We want aliens to be confirmed. What if the only satellite the aliens have is tapping into the Covino and Rich Show and Covino is the only human representative the aliens want. 
  • :09 AM Rich went golfing in Texas and it was ultimately frustrating.


  • :24 AM The MLB is already thinking about cancelling the season due to COVID.
  • :28 There’s many of us who have been living beyond our means for a long time. That ceiling we have is starting to give way.
  • :34 AM Have you heard this rhyme?… “Fat and Skinny had a race all around the pillowcase. Fat fell down and broke his face and Skinny won the race” 
  • :40 AM Rich feels guilty that he connects better with his step-nephew Wyatt over his nephew Max. He needs to find those little nuggets both him and Max can bond over.