Covino & Rich— Monday 7/22/19

Show Topics:

  • The boys had a great time in Las Vegas this weekend! Covino, Rich and Spot were at the MGM for the Pacquioa vs Thurman fight. Sirius hooked up with some great seats right where the boxers enter the ring. Besides the fight, they were able to catch up with some CARLS at the Losers Bar in the MGM. Then they went to a ‘swanky’ dinner at the Cosmopolitan hotel. The guys noticed they didn’t go as hard as they usually do. They took naps, did the lazy river and went to the gym.
  • This weekend when the boys were out in Las Vegas they went to dinner at the Cosmo and Covino felt under dressed next to his girlfriend Jordyn. As they were waiting for their table some drunk Asian guy walked by them and said, “That’s a beautiful dress!” Covino thinks that is extremely rude and out of line and “deserves a punch in the nose.” 
  • Does there come a point where inviting yourself over to someones house is okay? Covino has lived at his apartment complex for about a year and a half now. He has a very nice pool with grills around it yet he has never invited anyone over for a casual BBQ! He thinks its PTSD from his past relationships. Spot thinks its time for them to finally come over to grill. 
  • Award winning Casey Affleck was in the studio today! He was here to promote his new movie, “Light Of My Life” in theaters on August 9th. Affleck talked about his life before fame and how nervous he gets in front of live audiences. 
  • A couple weeks ago, Rich accidentally threw away these warm beers he saw on the counter that Sara brought from Texas for her friend. Sara was livid because Rich was at the store with her in Texas when she bought it which proves he doesn’t listen to her. Listeners of the show, a band called Rambling Souls, heard Rich was in deep trouble and offered to swing by the studio and bring him some Shiner beer. The Rambling Souls are a band from Texas and are touring in LA so this was a perfect opportunity.