Covino & Rich— Monday 7/15/19

Show Topics:

  • This weekend Rich played softball and one of his teammates mentioned he started listening to the show and noticed a few things. First thing is that he thinks Covino is insecure since he can’t go to the movies by himself. Second, he thought they were saying “Fashion Talk” rather than “Faction Talk.” Lastly, he said that the valet people 100% farted in Rich’s car.
  • Covino and Jordyn celebrated their two year anniversary this Saturday and Mastro’s Steak House. Cheap guy tip of the day: Always say you are celebrating something cause you WILL get something for free. In this case, they got a free butter cake. 
  • On Saturday Rich, Spot and the girls enjoyed a nice day at the beach. Spot made some amazing hot dogs. Emmy played in the sand. They got home late, around 8:30 and they needed to wake up Emmy from the car ride to give her a bath. While Sara was giving Emmy a bath Rich decided to straighten up the house. He saw six random bottled beers on the counter that were from the same brand but different flavors. Rich thought they were old so he opened up each one and poured them down the sink. The next morning he was waken up by Sara screaming at him later to find out that those beers were a gift for their friend Shannon! Rich was even there when Sara bought them in Texas. Long story short, Rich needs to listen when his wife is talking and there is no way he is at all right.
  • Covino shared a theory he lives by called “calories in calories out.”  He went to the mall this weekend and bought four things, therefore he must get rid of four pieces of clothing he has. 
  • There is a trending Facebook event page called, “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop Us.” This internet sensation is an event planned on September 20th in order to see the aliens. 
  • A listener said something that really offended Rich. Listener Todd wrote on the Facebook page that the guys have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to financial stuff, and they should stick to boobs and butt cheeks. Rich wants to punch this guy in the nose.