Covino & Rich Show Recap: Monday 7-1-19

Covino & Rich— Monday, 7/1/19

Show Topics:

  • Big things happened in the world of Basketball this weekend. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant went to the Brooklyn Mets. Seth Curry just agreed for a 4 year deal to the Dallas Mavericks.
  • Rich’s wife and daughter are in Texas and he’s been pretty lonely. This weekend he went to the gym and played some intramural sports. After he decided to go to the theatres alone and watch the movie, “Yesterday.” He said it was a solid 3.5/5 and is a must watch if you are a Beatles fan. Covino watched Dumbo with Jordan and it was TERRIBLE. Lastly, Spot watched Murder Mystery and enjoyed it. 
  • This also sparked a debate of what are things that are okay to do alone. Rich went to the movies alone and Covino thinks that is pretty weird and would never do that. They both have been to a strip club alone though. Spot went to a Coldplay concert alone at Madison Square Garden.
  • It was the end of pride month this weekend. Lil Nas X from “Old Town Road” came out yesterday on social media saying, “I thought it was obvious.” In relation to pride, Covino posted a picture of the two of them on the boat and it came out super homosexual. Listeners were commenting, “Happy Pride to the happy couple!”
  • Since Rich is home alone this weekend he had a very important question to ask us. Is jacking off two times a day TOO excessive? Spot responded by yelling, “TWICE A DAY! TWICE A DAY!” This made Rich feel bad but listeners chimed in and reassured him that twice a day is indeed okay. Sara then called and and told us she’s working hard in Texas, painting the fence, fixing the lawnmower and staining the porch while Rich is back home staining the sheets.
  • There’s a new trend on social media right now where people place a liquor bottle on a table as the person attempts to Spin Kicks the cap off. Celebrities like Jason Statham, Max Holloway and even John Mayer are participating.
  • This weekend Rich went to the mall and stopped by Cotton On which is typically not a store he shops at. He laid his eyes on this black denim jacket and he’s tried it on and it fit like a glove. Not to mention the jacket was also only $20. As he walked over to the register he noticed that there was a fat mural of 2Pac on the back.