Covino & Rich— Monday 6\8\20

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  • 8:03 AM Rich finally got a haircut and the barber shop is now an entire experience; taking temperatures, barbers wearing welders mask etc.
  • :12 AM Rich is dead-set on driving to Texas and we have so many questions; will you wear a mask in the river, what’s your plan on returning so you don’t give us anything? Although Covino really wants to get his parents to LA, he isn’t ready for any travel.
  • :29 AM We get into some of our favorite viral moments on the worldwide wed: Numa Numa, breakdancing midget, grape lady falling etc.
  • :50 AM Lady Gaga infamous speech that never changed during the ‘A Star Is Born’ press tour is comedy gold.


  • :06 AM Who were those game changers in your life? (In reference to Lady Gaga’s speech)
  • :17 AM Rich has a dilemma that was sent to him from a listener: Two college friends are now adults and one is a real estate agent. The friend is moving to the area where the real estate agent works, but doesn’t use the friend in house hunting, is this wrong?


  • :08 AM Covino watched an eye opening documentary about the struggles Bruce Lee had in Asian casting…
  • :23 AM Rich and Archie fully disagree with a new film on Netflix.
  • :30 AM How you ever been asked to be a sugar daddy? Would you do it if you were single and older? Intern Hannah has her own experiences to share!