Covino & Rich Show Recap: Monday 6-24-19

Covino & Rich— Monday, 6/24/19


Nikki Glaser

Show Topics:

  • The guys start the show off by giving a full recap of the CRC in New York the past week. This was the tenth year they have done this, so they felt like they really needed to go all out to show how much the show has grown. The listeners did not disappoint either, the convention got its largest turnout to date. Everything from the booze cruise around Manhattan, to the big party night out at VERSA, went extremely well. Even Mark in Colorado made his first ever appearance with the show, and shocked everyone with his ‘swinger ways’. After a week of partying, drinking, and staying out late with listeners though, the guys are pretty beat, and feel like the lack of sleep will catch up with them soon.
  • Nikki Glaser stops by to hang out with the guys and give some great love advice from her own personal experiences. She helped Jake out back in February with a love dilemma that he was dealing with, and feels like she could do the same for a lot of people. The key to making things work is to consider what the woman is probably thinking in that situation. If you only look at it from your own perspective things will end up pretty one-sided.
  • Should Covino start to think about having more kids? He and Jordyn are about to hit the two year mark together, and it dawned on Covino that he may have to go through the whole ‘raising a child’ stage all over again with her. Covino never wanted to be the ‘old dad at the baseball games’ but has also always wanted more kids. Could this be something he and Jordyn need to discuss fairly soon?
  • Both Rich and Steve watched a few movies on the plane back to LA and have their individual reviews for everything they watched. Steve watched a movie called mid-90s which revolved around skateboarding culture in LA during the time period. A solid movie for the most part, but the ending was weak according to Covino. Rich watched a few Black Mirror episodes on his plane, and has officially been hooked on the series. He has a few more to get through, but can clearly see how some of the technology featured in some of the episodes could be a real thing soon.