Covino & Rich— Monday 6\22\20

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  • 8:06 AM Father’s Day recap: It’s cool to see where people came from. Imagine if your kid is an international superstar like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, or Justin Timberlake!
  • :19 AM When your dad is more stylish than you: Covino sent Rich a screenshot of their friend’s dad and brothers. The dad is WAY cooler than his sons.
  • :27 AM Spot’s dad, Ercole Sorge was the original “Urquelle.”
  • :29 AM Covino watched ‘The King of Staten Island.’ No one wants to go to Staten Island.
  • :35 AM Rich and Covino planed to host a chill and easy recap on the ESPYS pre-show and post-show on Sunday. They ended up covering two hours of hard news following the story of the noose that was found in NASCAR driver, Babba Wallace’s garage in Talladega. 


  • :08 AM Anna Camp joins the show to talk about her new movies, ‘The Lovebirds’ on Netflix, ‘Here Awhile’ on Demand and ‘Desperados’ out on Netflix July 3rd. We also talked about Pitch Perfect, True Blood, her date with Don Draper, yoga pants, and getting naked with Daniel Radcliffe in her play, Equus.
  • :47 AM Spot’s apartment is always cold and he seems like the guy who lives in a robe.
  • :49 AM The Coronavirus still exists! One of our listeners got COVID and said it’s the absolute worst. 
  • :03 AM  Politics aside, there is so much entertainment content with President Donald Trump. He must be the stereotypical narcissist.


  • :14 AM Budget talk. All budgeting apps ask for personal information: credit cards, banking info, etc. Do people actually use budgeting apps or do they refrain from budgeting at all?
  • :37 AM Spot found a house in Idyllwild! Him and Kristin put an offer down but found out there is already two other offers.