Covino & Rich— Monday 5\4\20

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  • 8:00 AM Murder Hornets: have now entered the U.S. — and they could decimate the honeybee population.
  • :11 AM Another night of watching MJ’s ESPN documentary “The Last Dance,” and it gave us insight at to how he became a shoe phenomenon, and what was his biggest motivation…
  • :25 AM What motivates you? Is it the idea of proving other wrong or is it more along the lines of a self-drive thing… Covino, Rich and Spot seem to not completely agree on this topic, but what’s new?
  • :56 AM Emmy and Melody are growing up and finding new interest. Isn’t it funny how parents become more attached to their kids stages, toys or shows more than them?


  • :09 AM Dr. Laurie Santos of Yale joins the show to elaborate on how to master and balance happiness overall and during quarantine.
  • :52 AM Friend In Need: A listener developed a drinking problem because he’s miserable at his new job that his wife wanted him to take so that he’s home more and took a pay cut, but the new job still equals him being away from home… thoughts?


  • :17 AM Spot breaks down how to cook a steak in a cast-iron skillet and why this is an effective way to cook the meat.
  • :24 AM What do you say to make your wife Squirm?
  • :39 AM Archie Jay checks in…
  • :53 AM Tiger King’s big announcement, the limited TV show has now cast Joe Exotic as Nick Cage!