Covino & Rich— Monday 5\18\20

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  • 8:05 AM What did you do this weekend: Covino has been doing the same puzzle but it looks like that is coming to an end, and he keeps dreaming about money; The Michael Jordan documentary has also come to an end…
  • :17 AM People are itching for a scratch because they want to get out! Gambling is up, Covino’s parents are online gambling; if there is a second wave of this quarantine it won’t have the same effects because we lived it and we hated it etc.
  • :30 AM Patton Oswalt is here talking: his new comedy special, being in his 50s, not having tattoos, his viral Anne Frank tweet, masks being able to hide his celebrity, the future of comedy and how his wife has been putting the clippers to use on him etc.


  • :12 AM Rich and Spot role play a voiceover casting audition scene, since everyone thinks it’s so easy, all after applauding Patton on his success of being a great voiceover actor.
  • :27 AM Rich wants his flowers & an apology from Spot on judging his zoom call tactics after Spot had a great time at a zoom party.
  • :56 AM Rich went to an open house and it was an interesting experience due to the corona caution. Are you a curb appeal or “what’s inside” kind of guy?


  • :18 AM Covino’s girl found a paint brush-like grooming tool and he let her mind wonder all weekend.. do you really know what everything in your house or partner uses is?
  • :33 AM Rich takes us through his weekend cooking with a cast iron skillet for the first time. This conversation from last week opened pandora’s box, as everyone chimed in… is your skillet passed down or is it Chrissy Teigen brand?