Covino & Rich— Monday 4\13\20

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  • 8:05 AM Kids have no concept of time, Rich and the kids didn’t celebrate Easter, but will tonight since they can’t tell the difference.
  • :14 AM Donald Trump retweeted a tweet that implied firing Dr. Fauci, and it’s a headline… this pandemic is expected to affect us until Fall 2021.
  • :18 AM Those like Spot celebrating milestone birthdays and/or weddings, do they cancel plans because it includes others traveling on their behalf?
  • :36 AM There’s a poop police around Spot’s neighborhood. People aren’t picking up their dog poop, and since we all have so much time, he’s making it a big deal by chalking the community…
  • :43 AM Zoom calls with family is the greatest struggle for all of our older parents.


  • :11 AM Little Mermaid made a return at Rich’s house and it was such an easy watch, but the movie felt so dated with current advances.
  • :13 AM Intern Ideas: NBA players should show off their indoor gyms and massive houses on ESPN because programming sucks. Roger Goodell will pick drafts from his basement. Do you have a problem with Celebs complaining about staying in their multi-million dollar mansion amid the Coronavirus pandemic?
  • :22 AM What are hookers, cam girls and sugar babies to do during all this because their livelihood depends on others…
  • :36 AM Bill Maher speaks out on those that are calling virus’ by the name of which they came from…
  • :48 AM One wrong thing can offset every clean step you’re making…why not wipe down your groceries?!


  • :34 AM Rich was involved in assisting friends with picking the correct nanny.
  • :38 AM Rich had his second gay moment in his marriage of turning down his wife because he was too emotional from Modern Family.
  • :48 AM Would you willingly take a pay cut to save the jobs of other employees that don’t make enough money as you?