Covino & Rich— Monday 3\9\20

Show Topics:


  • 8:09 AM Over the weekend, Covino finally caved in and watched “Love Is Blind.” He liked it but didn’t love it. They were all relatively attractive. The answer is not Love Is Blind because all of the contestants were relatively hot. Rich thought that Jessica looked too old to be on the show.
  • :15 AM Covino tells us a story about his walk through Highlands park to a donut shop. He walked two miles up and down hills only to find out that the donut shop is closed. The park was covered with weird people. He got the vibe that weed is the only commonality that brings these people together.
  • :36 AM Rich joined Tik Tok this weekend. He feels that he’s a little late to the party. Spot feels bad that he spoiled Rich’s Vine career and supports Rich. Covino feels like the old guy at the club when it comes to Tik Tok because it’s more of a younger generation app.


  • 9:08 AM Spot gives us an update about his horny wife. She was irritable this weekend and posted on the CARLs page that she wanted to sleep with him in her parent’s lean-to this summer. This weekend, it was Spoty’s house of love.
  • :21 AM Covino’s pooping habits. While he was watching “Love Is Blind,” he needed to pee. So he got up and went into the bathroom with the lights off and sat down to pee to make minimal noise. His girlfriend caught him sitting down while peeing with the lights off. She wanted to take his man card away.
  • Spot reveals that he takes his shirt off to take a dump. So does Covino. Rich is stunned and puzzled as to why they do this.
  • :46 AM Rich is fascinated with the easy life of Spot. He can spend 30 minutes taking a shit and not think twice about it. Rich takes quick dumps because he doesn’t have time to waste.


  • 10:07 AM Covino and Rich don’t want to do American Ninja Warrior this weekend because they are both banged up. Covino has a back problem and Rich has a problem with his arm.
  • :31 AM Covino poses an interesting question. What’s the bigger honor? Best man or god father of your kid? Rich think they are both bs. They don’t really matter too much. It’s not just a catholic thing.