Covino & Rich— Monday 3\30\20

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  • 8:00 AM What better way to start the day with the weekend death update.
  • :12 AM Rich finally watched Tiger King and he might be the biggest fan!
  • :17 AM Have you ever had a desire to want to play with big cats?
  • :24 AM The craziest charter on the show is…
  • :40 AM Covino has finally hit his peak on wanting to get out of the house. We are all going through the emotions of feeling trapped. This is going to make people live life to the fullest or never leave isolation.
  • :51 AM Covino was reluctant to answer a call from his cousin when in fact her call was an accident – BURN!


  • :17 AM The lack of paper goods: they should be stocked next week, but what do you do when you run out?
  • :20 AM Spot made bagels and stopped for cream cheese at 7/11 and it wasn’t the greatest experience after highly recommended by Cov
  • :27 AM Covino’s girlfriend, Jordyn left him a note of where the food is and what he can eat…how cute!
  • :35 AM Rich and Spot taste Covino’s pork rinds after poking fun…
  • :45 AM Particular vs Peculiar –  Covino’s weekend story of posting a photoshop photo of all three of the guys. Why did you need to change our clothes…


  • :09 AM Spot opens up about his first time making bagels and we taste them on air
  • :13 AM Peoples weird makeshift mask
  • :22 AM Companies that are asking employees if they are willing to take a pay cut, meanwhile Spot lost his yoga job
  • :31 AM Covino the barber is back in business!
  • :35 AM Do you think you’ll get the corona?