Covino & Rich— Monday 3\16\20

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  • 8:00 AM Live from Covino’s home, which the boys haven’t been invited to in years!
  • :07 AM Being quarantined with your spouse will have you learning new fun facts
  • :16 AM With no one at SiriusXM, it’s the cleanest place alive as they are deep cleaning daily
  • :18 AM Rich’s theory – you should listen to the direction to stay home, those that are “risking” things by going out (clubs etc.) are dumb and are the problem. People love to react and announce it.
  • :26 AM People aren’t used to long lasting stories, so this will shake people up as it prolongs
  • :55 AM People are going to do what they want when it comes to booking those cheap flights


  • :14 AM Covino’s brother sends him a live text with governmental scoop… you can’t believe everything
  • This viral text is going around with a nude black guy staying safe during COVID-19
  • Shout out to the kids that are dealing with so many cancelations
  • :23 AM Hey Spot, what have you done with weekend? Get all fat and sassy? (LOL)
  • :28 AM Goodbye to our semester intern, Quintin Pretzel who has been forced to end his internship due to corona
  • :29 AM Rich has a new face that he hates: Chris Cuomo
  • :40 AM Shows to watch during the “social distancing” are….


  • :16 AM New Tickle Sack song dedicated to Kristen (Spot’s wife)
  • :21 AM All the people that have been on our show in the past, we think back to some of the greats and how time allows you to forget some moments
  • :29 AM Spot goes in on Rich for all caring about people that are “the hype right now”
  • :32 AM Covino got a ticket for talking on the phone