Covino & Rich— Monday 3\02\20 Show Topics:

HOUR 1         

  • 8:02 AM Covino has had back pain for 6-7 months. His back is starting to feel much better but Rich’s back is now beginning to hurt. Covino mocks Rich, “I will not stand for discomfort!”
  • :13 CNR talk about their experience of interviewing David Beckham. He couldn’t have been a nicer guy. He is probably the top celebrity that CNR have interviewed.
  • Beckham goes out of his way to send a message to Rich’s sister.
  • :44 Covino tells us a story which took place this weekend. He saw his longtime buddy from a car dealership at a Hibachi restaurant and didn’t recognize him until after he made a toast to Covino and his daughter. Covino couldn’t believe that he saw this guy at the restaurant. “It Pays To Go To Hayes!”


  • 9:23 AM CNR and Spot discuss the different phases the three of them have gone through. Rich has changed his hairstyle multiple times. Covino has pretty much stayed the same. Spot has had the biggest transformation with his hair.
  • :48 Rich tells a story about taking his daughter to see Daniel Tiger Live over the weekend. Rich and his daughter were sitting next to a couple with their daughter. Both of their daughters were having a good time and Rich was having a great conversation with the couple. When he got home, he realized that he was talking to Kel Mitchell, who they have had on the show.
  • Spot and Covino tried to guess who the celebrity was. Covino ended up winning.


  • 10:11 AM Covino asks a question about investing. Should he start to invest in the airlines because they are so down?
  • :30 Quintin’s ideas. Waka Flaka admits he was a “wack” rapper. NCAA tournament with no fans? James Harden shits his pants.
  • :36 Covino needs to take a step back in the farting world. Covino had the best fart until video surfaced over the weekend of this random guy farting in front of his girlfriend. It sounds like an engine starting up and lasts for about 10 seconds.