Covino & Rich— Monday 2\24\20

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HOUR 1         

  • 8:04 AM The weekend in Vegas for Fury vs Wilder was intense. The fight was racially divided, but it was the best fight CNR has ever seen live. Fury on singing American Pie (:17 AM).
  • :27 AM Our lives have changed so much over the past year
  • :35 AM We’re changing topics so much, we designate a sounder.
  • :38 AM What is the booty pop up and how do we avoid this? Should we invest in separate Instagram accounts for booty viewing?
  • :01 AM Do people know what lanyards are? Rich made a nice gestor towards Covino when it comes to the lanyard game.


  • :21 AM Let’s make fun of Rich! Spot and Covino discuss how fragile he is to smoke.
  • :25 AM Celeb sightings, can you recognize people when they wear hats to go incognito?
  • :34 AM Rich thinks it’s funny how they found their way into the boxing world. It’s cool how the guy who called the fight and the guy who handed Fury the mic went to dinner with Spot and CNR.
  • :45 AM The coronavirus is getting worse and Covino goes to Japan soon.
  • :55 AM Covino’s violent dream from last night.
  • :59 AM “Big Timing” your buds because they aren’t talent and CNR are… the big dilemma


  • :30 AM CNR chime in on the Kobe Bryant memorial that is live streaming
  • :38 AM The Bachelor has sparked a good conversation, one girl gives the bachelor and ultimatum because she’s a virgin
  • :50 AM Spot was okay with his wife hooking up with another guy when they first dated…