COVINO & RICH SHOW RECAP: Monday 2-10-20

Covino & Rich— Monday 2\10\20

Show Topics:


  • 8:04 AM Do you drink Milk? Should we drink Milk? Quintin defends himself on why he drinks milk.
  • :11 When we are at a restaurant, which drinks do we order…Not Milk. “No I’ll have water” is the answer.
  • :18 Does Joaquin Phoenix think deeper than us? Is he on to something?
  • :23 Should celebrities use their platform to voice their opinions? By doing this, they plant a seed in our minds.
  • :48 XFL reactions from CNR. Covino only watched two games but thought it was really entertaining.


  • 9:11 AM Rich’s sprinkle. Everyone gathered at Spot’s house for a baby shower lite. Someone brought up a funny clip, then they spent the rest of the time watching funny YouTube videos.
  • :23 Rob Huebel joins the show
  • :25 Rob says that no one drinks milk.
  • :37 He gives advice to young comedians. Go out and shoot videos with friends and put it on the internet.
  • :53 When do you know to take Celebrities up on their offers? Ben Stiller once told Rob that he could hang at his house in Hawaii.


  • 10:15 AM Fortune Feimster joins the show!
  • :20 She originally got a job as an assistant. It’s very hard to make friends in LA, compared to North Carolina. She took improve classes just to make friends.
  • :30 Hot chick theory. People wonder why that hot girl is hanging with that average guy. Fortune Feimster was working the top dogs of the entertainment industry. She got attention.
  • :44 She looked up to her grandma the most. She is just overall good person. “I don’t know if I could sleep at night knowing that I am a dick.”
  • :47 Jennifer Aniston is “legit” the nicest person ever.