Covino & Rich— Monday 12\9\19

Show Topics:


  • 8:04 AM The weekend recap from C&R, Rich is feeling better after being very sick. Sara is over-gifting and Rich doesn’t understand it. Rich watched the Ruiz fight and 49ers game (:09 AM). Watching the movies that made us…still. 
  • :21 AM Covino went to buy a jug of Tito’s at Gelson and realized how overpriced the store is. We talk the reason why some stores are more pricier than others. The convenience of shopping (:35 AM). We bring IKEA into the mix, you should go for high-quality items at a certain point of adulthood (:38 AM)
  • :48 AM Covino likes to chill so hard, we’re all very curious at how future dad-hood, part 2 will be for him. 


  • 9:07 AM Rich was pleasantly surprised that the mall wasn’t crowded yet! The mall Santa was the mission and the teens who were manning the station were sticklers for no cell phone cameras, but this year’s Santa was trash! Should Rich try another Santa? (:15 AM)
  • :24 AM Do you get your kids actually valuable gifts when they can barely talk? 
  • What’s your gift system? 
  • Covino’s daughter is in a holiday play and she’s a Jehovah witness? 
  • A look at the average income and how much we as a people spend on Christmas. 


  • 10:10 AM Peloton Ad actress strikes back with a Gin advertisement by Ryan Reynolds
  • Alistair Overeem’s lip explodes in shocking UFC knockout
  • Covino’s story about his dad being put on hold by his favorite pizza place, as he overhears them saying he is a difficult customer
  • :35 AM Janelle is here breaking down her background, answering listener questions (impressions of C&R, relationship talk etc.)
  • :42 AM Covino finds out the Mark Sanchez story was a joke
  • Janelle’s take on dating