Covino & Rich— Monday 12\7\20

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  • 8:04 AM Shout out to our listener pal who sent us Tamales this weekend! Tamales are all the rage. Rich remembers being overwhelmed by them while in Texas.
  • :10 AM We talk all the latest in sports from the Falcons, Bears vs Lions, the Chiefs and more. Fans of ‘The Office’ will love Baker Mayfield’s comment about not being an idiot after big win. We get into the Rams, 49ers, Seahawks and the possibilities.
  • :48 AM Floyd Mayweather will box YouTuber Logan Paul in February.. Who do you got?


  • :30 AM Christmas Conversations – Do you watch Hallmark movies? Because Rich watched one with Mariah and she should stick to singing. If someone says die hard is a Christmas movie this season, walk away! What is your holiday movie, holiday cocktail and candy?
  • :50 AM Covino is very reluctant to sign up and pay for the Mayweather fight in February when he is absolutely going to watch… why does he struggle with such commitments?
  • :00 AM Covino has realized that maybe its him who is not putting out good energy because more little things have inconvenienced him. He tells us his recent struggles with his couch, the faucet and bathtub!


  • :43 AM Rich, Sara and the kids got dressed up and had Spot take photos of them for memories before the demo. We also shares a story of them removed the kitchen appliances and let’s just say, it doesn’t go so well.