Covino & Rich— Monday 12\21\20

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  • 8:14 AM Covino is one of the most confusing individuals alive according to Rich. The things we is interested in and the things he does are peculiar.
  • :24 AM Did you ever get into a massive snow ball fight – Covino walked into a snowball gang when he was a kid with his dad and it was an intense battle.
  • :32 AM Do you think your parents told you they love you like we tell our kids?
  • :46 AM The guys helped Rich move boxes this weekend and Covino did some things that were very… he was lifting boxes while holding coffee and he kept his backpack on the entire time.
  • :55 AM Boxing … This weekend with Triple G, Canelo etc.


  • :09 AM The weekend update with sports – talking everything from can the Jags beat the Bears, Tom Brady vs The Falcons, the Eagles are in a weird predicament, the Chiefs, the Dolphins etc.
  • :39 AM What we know about the new coronavirus strain and how the UK are locking down even more.
  • :43 AM Where are we on December 21, 2022… still with mask?
  • :05 AM Spot made a bold move to replace his fridge without telling his wife, but he didn’t think the whole thing through…


  • :30 AM Covino painted his door the wrong color!  
  • :35 AM Covino’s daughter is very into crystals and he touched one and she lost it because he accidentally transferred the energy! The crystal community is major and he breaks it down in his own way.