Covino & Rich— Monday 12\14\20

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  • 8:05 AM Covino’s big announcement is… that the first shipment of COVID-19 vaccine doses arrive in Southern California! Rich has a question, if you were in control, how would you roll out the vaccine?
  • :23 AM We talk this weekend in sports from Anthony Joshua’s effortless KO, The Steelers, The Colts are very sneaky, Cleveland and more.
  • :02 AM Covino is on pain medicine from Symon’s (Hits 1) dad and it’s working because his pain and nerves aren’t inflamed anymore!
  • :08 AM Covino’s has a dream with Dave Grohl, then he wakes up and gets ads about the foo fighters performing … coincidence or is his phone reading my mind?


  • :34 AM Isn’t it sad that we have to rely on celebrities to speak out and hold the system accountable, when the government does nothing until they start talking…what’s the deal on the stimulus package? If you’re telling people they can’t work, then you need to compensate these people!
  • :50 AM Covino has a problem with the new dad shoes from Golden Goose on, why are people buying $600 shoes?!
  • :07 AM Covino gives us an update on his bike dilemma with Offer Up… we ended up getting a mountain bike valued over $200.


  • :37 AM Covino goes on record calling out American Home Shield for their terrible service! Customer Service is trash and so are their field guys. His latest situation happened about nearly a month ago when a guy came to change the locks and couldn’t finish the job, and yesterday for the new scheduling sends the same useless guy… good luck on the new appointment today!