Covino & Rich— Monday 11\4\19

  • Covino is concerned about Spot because they haven’t had quality time outside of work, “how are you bud?”
  • Covino has been a dad for a whole decade now, where does the time go?
  • :11 AM The guys were lost in the sauce because they had an early weekend start with taping their ESPN show ahead of time. This was the best thing ever! Covino explored Disneyland and spent the night. This felt like a three day weekend. Covino plots on how this can be a reoccurring thing, to have summer Fridays all year! Can people with normal jobs do this too (mill workers, firefighters etc.)?
  • :25 AM If you’re in the bathroom for too long, do you feel like your being timed by your girl? Let’s talk dropping loads in the hotel, the best place to get comfortable is the hotel lobby bathroom.
  • :30 AM Rich’s weekend consisted of a nice date with his wife and he made sure to take lots of photos of her.
  • :40 AM Rob Corddry is here and there’s few people that Rich can look at and laugh and he’s one; congrats! He opens up about travel and how he loves to fly first class, but not with the family. His daughter has the cutest story of talking like a Hollywood 50s Asian woman; he gives Rich parenting advice.
  • :47 AM His new show “The Unicorn” is great! But Rob, is there an amount of money that is enough for you? NO!
  • :51 AM How do people that make more money than us go broke?! Rob shares that he spends his money on Cars and sneakers.
  • :58 AM Whenever Rob would deal with self-doubt and the negative voice in his head would rise, he would say “no” out loud.
  • 9:03 AM Rob was told that John Lithgow loves him and he freaked out! The idea that celebs possibly knowing who you are (C&R chime in) is wild.


  • 9:25 AM Sports Updates: Diaz and Masvidal fight over the weekend, Green Bay Packers got smacked by the chargers. Also, have you seen Lamar Jackson’s neck?! It’s massive! The 49ers remain undefeated so far, which means nothing.
  • 9:50 AM Covino brings up Rich leading with his Buzz Light-year on Instagram and he think it’s corny. Rich hates that Covino leads with staged studio photos, people want funny!
  • Rich talks how Christmas needs to chill because he went to Michael’s and we finally hear about Spot’s weekend (sleep).


  • Archie must be Zoolander with his outfit today. When people dress up, it makes us feel like we didn’t try hard effort.
  • 10:23 AM Covino went to Olive Garden and we love it because why is it that people mock the spot? Chain Restaurant talk.
  • :30 AM Rich’s Facebook friend started ragging on a guy because he offered to take her to three different chain restaurants, is this chick rude or not?
  • Friend In Need: Small town guy asking for advice moving to a big city.