Covino & Rich— Monday 11\25\19


  • 8:05 AM Rich has used all his storage space and now him and Sara are utilizing a bathroom as storage, which means it’s time for a new home. They check out open houses this past weekend. There are two kind of people in the world, the impulsive care-free and over-thinkers (:10 AM)
  • :30 AM When settling on a house or anything there will always been something better…
  • :33 AM Do you consider if someone was murdered or died during house hunting.
  • :39 AM Sunday Night Football, Cowboys vs Patriots and 49ers vs Packers. The only team who could beat the 49ers (:44 AM)
  • :50 AM Update on boxing over the weekend.


  • 9:09 AM The toys that made us on Netflix is a good watch. We talk Ninja Turtles and the interesting evolution and fun facts surrounding the toys.
  • :16 AM We got in on the 10 year challenge!
  • :21 AM How much does money mean to you? Here’s today’s hypothetical: Paid to be alone and you received $500,000 a month, how long could you go?
  • :42 AM Mellencamp over Billy Joel?!
  • Covino mentions he’d never get a vasectomy, so are you old with having children in old age?


  • You can’t predict the genes of your children. We can look at history to see if a disease was passed down, but what about ugly faces? You never know the parental combination (:22 AM). Aside from genes, what has your parents passed down (:33 AM).
  • :38 AM The feedback after Tesla released their new cybertruck.
  • :43 AM An article that says husbands have less stress when their wives make at least 40% of the income, but how it’s also alarming for your average guy.