Covino & Rich— Monday 11\2\20

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  • 8:08 AM A Sports play by play! Tua Tagovailoa was on fire; The Broncos and their amazing come back; Why does Cam Newton dress like a winner when he loses; Russell Wilson is still the best yet; We’re confused after Bears’ Javon Wims sucker punches Saints’ Chauncey Gardner-Johnson; 49ers vs. Seahawks score…
  • :35 AM Rich finally watched a movie his wife had been begging to watch, Hocus Pocus – why does every 90s chicks love Hocus Pocus?!
  • :55 AM Rich is sporting a woman’s holiday robe. Is it too soon to celebrate Christmas?
  • :04 AM The California rules for Thanksgiving are out and it’s been extreme but it works.


  • :26 AM The hassle of unboxing and finding new places for your belongings – what are the annoying things with moving?
  • :31 AM Covino discovered two things in his new place, a kinky whip left from the last owners and he was unaware that he has a bidet so experience that squirt of water for the first time changed his life for the better.
  • :58 AM Someone will lose the election tomorrow. What are your thoughts?


  • :25 AM Over the weekend, while moving, Covino finally caught a glimpse at Spot’s hog through the pants and witness the new muscle Spot.
  • :35 AM Friend In Need – our kids can hear us having sex and they are too young to be told what is really happening and the excuse of the puppy keeps having bad dreams is over… What do you do when this happens?