Covino & Rich— Monday 11\16\20

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  • 8:03 AM Weekend Sports Rundown – Arizona Cardinals beat Buffalo Bills on Kyler Murray-to-DeAndre Hopkins Hail Mary; Patriots weather last night affected them tremendously; Russell Wilson; The Steelers and The Packers; Nick Chubb’s decision at 1-yard line costs bettors as Cleveland Browns fail to cover 4.5-point spread etc.
  • :37 AM We all agree that calling the men’s space a “Man Cave” is a dumb idea! That implies that your stuff isn’t welcome throughout the house. Speaking of, Rich has promised the garage to be Sara’s space, but the listeners bully him into reclaiming it. Sara joins the show to shut all of that down! Cheers to the Gal-Garage.


  • :43 AM Ran Dumb News – ‘Jeopardy!’ fans petition for ‘Reading Rainbow’ host Levar Burton to replace Alex Trebek after his death; James Harden wants out of Houston; The Queen’s Gambit season two; ‘Fire Gina Carano’ was trending on Twitter…
  • :13 AM Covino’s brother won the hot ticket item of the holidays in a raffle, a PS5. As a full adult, does any item make you jump for joy?


  • :41 AM When it comes to claiming territory in the house, Covino believes that in the bedroom you get to do whatever you want on your side.
  • :46 AM The early data shows Moderna’s Coronavirus Vaccine is 94.5% effective. Would you take it and when would that be? Rich debates Covino as if he is an anti-vaccine guy, yet he says it’s just precaution given this is all new information.