Covino & Rich— Monday 11\11\19

Show Topics:


  • 8:05 AM Sending love to those Super Troopers of the world! We appreciate the no traffic today and fighting for our freedom.
  •  :12 AM Rich is having a hard time wrapping his head around that there’s another kid coming and probably because he doesn’t know the sex. When Emmy gets married he also probably won’t know anyone at the wedding.
  • :16 AM Veterans day – Rich realizes that he only knew his grandad as an older guy and that you never hear of grandparents experiences.; he was shocked to hear things like his grandad jumped out of planes. All older vets had a hooker story.
  • :30 AM Covino talks about the Logan Paul vs KSI fight and how they actually took it serious and it was interesting to watch. Also mention of the big Ellis Mania Fight with Chris and Wizard John.
  • :42 AM Chris comes in studio to talk about his fight experience.


  • 10:09 AM Rich felt “wammy” all weekend in the NFL. He had bad luck with his bets; The KC Chiefs aren’t what they were last year, the Dolphins beat the Colts, Buffalo Bills will start fading fast…but the NFL is more exciting this year according the guys!
  • :20 AM Instagram likes are going away.
  • :26 AM T.I’s daughter subtly agrees with how crazy her dad is with her Hymen by liking comments.
  • :28 AM The general public are now on this wave of banning underage dating when “rockers” used to boast about it; a topic stemming from Covino watching the R. Kelly doc.
  • :36 AM Woman aging, going back to the heated debate between Spot and Rich due to Keanu’s new girlfriend.
  • :50 AM Apparently we all need to watch the Seth Meyers stand up special.
  • 10:00 AM What’s the best stage of child? Rich things Emmy’s 2.5-3 is the perfect age. Covino is already over the preteen years.
  • :09 AM Viral video of a woman recording her baby kicking the belly from inside but you can overhear her husbands violent pooping.


  • 10:35 AM Now that we tape in studio every day, the pressure is on and so is the heat! The lights are high too, we never realized how dim it was in studio.
  • :38 AM Wizard John is in studio giving us the 411 on the crazy fight weekend.
  • :50 AM Flip or Flop star, Tarek is now dating a new lady and she’s hot!