Covino & Rich— Monday 10\7\19

Show Topics:

  • Today’s a big day! Rich celebrates 40 years old, first show post road-trip, Howard Stern “kicks off” the LA office and we have a surprise guest!
  • The road-trip felt like it lasted for 6 months and here are some post tour thoughts: traffic was crazy for some listeners, Charlotte was the biggest turn out, the venue lighting in Atlanta was great, Tampa was great but it took an intoxicated turn and the many adventures.
  • Spot went overboard with the zingers and shots! Spot went so hard that his hangover interfered with the show being posted, Rich also joined Spot on scooters at the midnight hour…how do these two not have a DWI from the night? We don’t know.
  • Spot notices that his demon party boy came out and if not married he might be in rehab, speaking of, he didn’t call his wife all trip.
  • The Dangers of Disney: Rich and Covino visited Disney World, separately…Covino had the ride of his life, that he deeply regrets as his heart was in his a$$hole. Mission: Space was very uncomfortable, you couldn’t pay him 1 million dollars to get on that ride again, if you ask us, he sounds like a baby… Rich wishes he saw this ride to experience it.
  • Rich got the opportunity to see his 95 year old grandmother and it makes you think, given the age, this could be the last time.
  • Poop Knives are interrupted by the best news yet, Rich’s wife Sara surprises us with cupcakes and news that they are expecting another kid in February… the only person who didn’t know was Covino.