Covino & Rich— Monday 10\21\19

Show Topics:

  • Four day weekends are a lot of fun! The Houston Astros are in it to win it, Rich’s mom had fun visiting: she was treated to Disneyland, Soulvang, and family time…she enjoyed it so much that she cried this morning while eating cereal. Oh wait, she was crying because Rich yelled at her for eating all Emmy’s food (lol). Covino had the luxury of catching some z’s over the weekend along with shopping and dinners.
  • Covino’s parents are back from their Germany vacation, but before takeoff, papa Cov fainted on the plane, was dehydrated and with a sinus infection, meanwhile his mom thought the worst, unfortunately they did have to evacuate and postpone the departure. But Covino found out in the worst way possible, brother Tommy! A story of how drinking water is necessary.
  • How do you feel when your clothes don’t fit? But what if it’s because you’re losing weight? That’s Covino’s issue, he even washed a fancy jacket that was initially bigger, only to find that now it fits a toddler.
  • In the future, we’ll be able to create our babies, which is so odd! We now present to you “Zoink and Zork.”
  • In typical Rich behavior, he interjects with Paul Rudd, down Rudd Road we go. Apparently he has a new Netflix show.
  • Kit Kat or Twix?
  • Let’s have fun with a hypothetical: would you “blow a guy” or take the “man goo” if forced to do one, after an intruder breaks in and threatens your life. Which one would you do? …. This all comes from the idea that Rich needs to pay Gabe back in a great way for his birthday song.
  • Last night, coming home from Disney, Rich experienced a road block on his street because of a suspicious package. Rich ends up calling Spot, no answer, called his wife to come down to evacuate and the whole family goes to Ralph’s parking lot to eat pizza.
  • Wait, where was Spot, to where he couldn’t answer…oh with a lady friend you say!? Post yoga?! Looks like Spoga is advancing to new heights.
  • Ran Dumb News: Yankee fans were rude, and Maggie Rogers experienced real sexist at Austin City Limits.