Covino & Rich— Monday 10\19\20

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  • 8:05 AM We give our review of Hubie Halloween – if you didn’t like it, you’re way too critical, it’s supposed to be dumb funny.
  • :15 AM The weekend sports recap – The Tampa Bay Bucks killed Green Bay over the weekend… The Falcons get their first win…. The Ravens vs The Eagles was an underwhelming game etc.
  • :46 AM Teofimo Lopez vs Lomachenko – the first time in lightweight history for the guys to win all the belts, the fight was historic and probably because it was for free too… Covino tells us all about it.


  • :21 AM Jordyn talks in her sleep and Covino got woken up too early this morning. Who else hates this?
  • :25 AM Listener poses a Halloween story that Covino gravitated towards, how an orb shows up on the security camera. Do you believe in ghost and paranormal activity?
  • :54 AM How do you not know right away if you would live in a place immediately?!
  • :57 AM You have to give things the 2020 free pass, because we were put under weird circumstances.


  • :08 AM Joel McHale is here talking about his project ‘Card Sharks;’ If he feels the pressure to go viral; his time on The Mask Singer; he tells us about his time doing the sober challenge; when and if we all will make the big return if approved etc…
  • :48 AM With the kids gone in Texas, Rich and Sara are discovering so much free time! They’re watching a show called “Unicorn…”