Covino & Rich— Monday 10\14\19

Show Topics:

  • What a weekend: Friday night was full of sleep directly after the ESPN show, but Saturday was Rich Day! Everyone was anxious to make sure he was fully surprised at the party, meanwhile he had no idea. Listener Gabe made an incredible Hamilton inspired song for the short film by Sara and Rich walks us through his emotions during that day. Covino’s sister went into the most unexpected and peaceful labor experience and how the baby came after one push right after Covino left her side.
  • The major takeaway’s from the weekend was that Rich can actually hold back his tears and Covino used Facetime, and also invited people over his house. All major shockers.
  • Rich and his buddy “Himay” went to the 49ers game, which turned out to be a very intense game as the 49ers won.
  • Jeff Lewis sent a letter expressing his congrats on Rich’s new baby…in the nicest way he could.
  • Spots been entertaining house guest for nearly a week and he’s ready for them to vacate his castle. Those guest happen to be the in-laws. The plus in them visiting is his sex life with wifey has skyrocketed! So tell us more Spot, how your wife likes to slap you around and peg your butt…
  • Happy “Columbus Day,” let’s walk down all of Dickey Davis’ greatest discoveries: Dollar Store, ice coffee, modern medicine, the barber shop, country music, Santa Barbara, the supermarket etc. Listeners also chime in.
  • Live on air we find out the name of Covino’s new niece and its not “Baby Ultron Turtle Baby,” but Gwyneth Grace!
  • Friend In Needs: Guy’s wife is leaving him the kids and house because she found someone else. Also, how far is too far to commute to a job for the money?