Covino & Rich— Tuesday 10\13\20

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  • 8:06 AM There’s nothing life starting the day with a Ja Rule appreciation tangent. Do you still have respect for him?
  • :22 AM What happened to Tyrod Taylor? How a bizarre injury from Chargers doctor cost QB his starting job.
  • :27 AM Cougar follows man running near Provo for 6 minute and we’re in shocked thinking about if we were in this situation. What would be your weapon of choice?
  • :55 AM Trump goes on a rant about how powerful he feels post corona and will kiss the men and beautiful women… is he ok?


  • :16 AM Do you feel like you’ll struggle with conversation post corona in office and are you struggling to talk to friends now because we are mostly just in the house…
  • :28 AM How do you prepare your kids for a move and not upset them in relocating?
  • :35 AM Is it appropriate and in style to wear an oversized button down or sweater and button in social settings these days? Archie gives us the fashion hot take.


  • :16 AM Self-lubricating condoms that stay slippery for 1,000 thrusts will reduce STIs by making contraception ‘more appealing.’
  • :23 AM Friend In Need – Girl wants to know if she should get close with this guy who’s emergency contact is his ex, this girl who hits us up has a kid and the guy doesn’t, yet still BFF with the ex… is this weird?
  • :48 AM What are the things you think you need but you don’t really need?