Covino & Rich— Monday 1\11\21

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  • 8:05 AM Weekend sports update: what game stood out most this weekend?; Bills fan catches fire after slammed through table doused in flames; Tom Brady and George Blanda at 43 years old, wow the difference; the Bears-Saints Nickelodeon game was the most fun NFL broadcast of the year etc.
  • :34 AM Remember the passing of notes in school growing up?
  • :43 AM Covino talks about his weekend bike ride only to find his bike cover missing when he returned home. In normal Covino fashion, he didn’t let this go!


  • :12 AM Ran Dumb News: Donald Trump was removed from Twitter and went in disguise as John Baron; the latest on the folks who stormed the capitol etc.
  • :29 AM This chilling new docuseries on Netflix call ‘Surviving Death’ will probably keep you up at night and Spots recalls his near death experience.
  • :37 AM Ben Roethlisberger in tears with expensive Steelers decision to come. Should he have cried on the field or in private?
  • :53 AM As Rich is in Texas, he notices that they are living life as normal and compares it to California living.


  • :04 AM Skylar Astin is here talking about Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, how he avoids taking the stage in reality,  if he uses his acting tears in relationships, game night at Ted Danson is epic, the beauty of dating in the pandemic, being a stepdad figure, his soon come album, what his family feels about his craft etc.
  • :50 AM Is gold jewelry back in?