Covino & Rich— Monday 1\06\20

Show Topics:


  • 8:00 AM We are back in action! The best of’s were great, especially with Syder Harrison doing the countdown. Rich, however, didn’t listen to any of it! 
  • :15 AM The evolution of our voice changing
  • :23 AM What Covino did for the holiday: Back on the east coast
  • :35 AM Covino discussed his first time in first class
  • :42 AM Spot claims he worked all holiday season 
  • :54 AM Rich experienced a sweet moment as Emmy is aware of Santa and they left out cookies 
  • :57 AM Rich goes on about his wild adventure to Williams AZ. The trip turned bad when they hit a snow blizzard, but it picked up as he jumped on the polar express 


  • :23 AM Post Malone is a guy we never knew we needed 
  • :29 AM Throwback show that Rich watched: Married with Children 
  • :32 AM Rich relived his childhood of making cookies with grandma, but with Emmy
  • :35 AM What shows did you watch over the break and how would you rate them
  • 10:00 AM Rich couldn’t sleep in AZ so he watched “Live PD”; from 11 pm-3 am 


  • :24 AM The Golden Globes was last night, what was your big takeaway. Award shows like these seem to be a time for celebrities to kiss the butt of other people of power
  • :31 AM Football talk: Tom Brady’s next move, The Vikings, Mike McCarthy is now with the Cowboys, etc. 
  • :42 AM Spots wife is wild, she posts that she wants a threesome with Drake and Rihanna