Covino & Rich— Friday 9/6/19

Show Topics:

  • How big is your Ego? Rich is very adamant that Covino has one of the biggest egos because he wants everyone to show up to their tour events. The back and forth debate about what does “ego” even mean takes place.
  • Last night the NFL season kicked off and it was a very boring and slow first night, but there was one take away… the microphones picked up an NFL player saying that he’s never had a “finger in his butt!”
  • Three Friends In Need: One listener is asking about family participation in your life; Another listener is having grandma problems-the grandma is never present, which eventually led to non-speaking terms; One married man is asking if porn is cheating. We have lots to discuss.
  • Mommy Juice is trending, moms who need an adult beverage to get through the day of kids, work, spouses and life.
  • Ran Dumb News: Antonio Brown gives a tearful apology, John Travolta’s latest movie is trash, and OG Simpson takes to Twitter with insightful advice.
  • Leading into a weekend full of fun, dates, and adventures we have to talk about chivalry. Is it dead? Should and do men still pay for everything?