Covino & Rich— Friday 9\4\20

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  • 8:10 AM Have you ever caught a glimpse of your body and felt slightly turned off? That’s Rich’s story from yesterday. Without being able to go to the gym his stomach is getting softer and is losing muscle mass.
  • :24 AM Covino is full of anguish, which happens to be his Mexican word of the day. But he’s full of anguish because he recently got so anxious in preparation for an interview with ESPN.
  • :52 AM If we go until March working from home, that would make a year. There was recently an article that posed the question will we ever recover from this? The social and economic costs borne by young people without offices.


  • :42 AM Why Nicolas Cage Doesn’t Like the Word ‘Acting’: ‘I Don’t Act, I Feel’…
  • :48 AM Rich is pushing for you to watch hockey this weekend. There are three game 7s this weekend, so if you want to give hockey a chance now is the time.


  • :20 AM Canada’s top doctors consider using a mask during sex, Canada is also trying to get their people to stop drinking…
  • :32 AM Spot tells the story of a time when he bought ecstasy in college and never got the chance to use it. He stored it, but when his brother came to help him move out, his bro said he threw it out, but now he is thinking otherwise.
  • :45 AM Anyone can really be a singer if in the right place at the right time. Rich has this revelation based off Tik Tok’s duet feature.