Covino & Rich— Friday 9\13\19

Show Topics:

  • We mourn a legend in the best way possible, playing classic hits from Eddie Money.
  • What are some stations you get sucked into listening to and enjoying every moment of it. Rich’s guilty pleasure is 60s on 6.
  • The weekend is here and it looks like Covino has some time to get away with his daughter, but the struggle to not be a “Doug Lazy” is real! Plus when it comes to family trips and you have a blended family, the potential step parent should make it a thing to be present, is Rich’s point.
  • Speaking of family time, we get lost in a unforgettable moment with Covino’s ex wife, spot and the crew…things were sassy and “drinks were thrown,” but let’s not harp on it.
  • Looks like our buddy Jeff Lewis is taking shots as he gets extended to five days a week… good luck pal!
  • We didn’t plan on going dummy fishing, but we caught something. Actors that made a good comeback!
  • Finally, the day has come for Rich’s Nacho Theory!!! It’s a very short thought but one that we will all take into the weekend.
  • Either Covino is a great day or a piece of scum, he tricked his daughter into believe her condition was name brand, but did he succeeded is the big question.