Covino & Rich— Friday, 8/30/19

Show Topics:

  • The long Labor Day weekend is here, and Covino is confused at why school just started and Melody has a off day! The school system is “broken,” it teaches you how to be a worker and not a boss. We need classes like balancing a check book, stock market etc. 
  • What do you priorities? Rich is headed to NY for the weekend and can’t wrap his head around paying airport parking prices. This idea most likely stems from his father, not letting them get the restaurant ice cream and having to settle for the ice cream sandwiches at home.
  • Why do people say unnecessary stuff? Has someone ever said one thing to you personally or professionally that has affected everything you do?  
  • Ran Dumb News: Richard Pryor had a hit out on a guy who slept with his underage son, a group of sailors captured their miraculous escape from a volcano, and guys are bringing back the mullet.
  • We finally found our talent show bit: Archie singing “Soul Glo” and Rich playing the trumpet!
  • Fast Food Fun: People are still mad about the Popeyes\ Chic-Fil-A controversy, we talk KFC’s new beyond meat and the best spicy chicken sandwich alive.
  • Friend in Need: Someone gifted a neighbor an old lawnmower and didn’t receive a thank you.