Covino & Rich— Friday 8\28\20

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  • 8:04 AM Longtime listener reaches out and we recall him hitting us up because his woman like smelling his dirty underwear when he was overweight. Could you look pass something like this if you dated a fetish girl? Is this a double standard?
  • :30 AM The way Archie and Janelle from EPSN package themselves on social media makes us question our social media existence.
  • :35 AM The group trip that the C&R woman are planning, Covino was the one who didn’t commit on the date, so they lost the house supposed to book in Joshua Tree and this leads to a heated argument between Covino and Rich. Covino was “non-committal,” and Spot is whipping out text!


  • :20 AM Jessica Simpson has this throwback song that is star-studded with throwback hotties and one of them happens to be our friend.
  • :34 AM Last night Trump spoke at the RNC and he was so orange, but besides that he was spitting nothing but lies and it’s harmful. He talk to Archie about him saying he’s done more of black voters since Lincoln.


  • :04 AM Covino brings out text confirming he was “eliminated” from the trip (going back to first hour).
  • :10 AM Do you plan on leaving for the holiday’s? Covino is very torn because he hasn’t even had a romantic dinner is months, so the holiday’s is a reach. Rich truly believes you have to live your life in reason, because everything has a risk factor.
  • :47 AM Bella Throne on OnlyFans has sex workers pissed as she is famous taking their money. Archie debates on getting a foot page for the creeps.