Covino & Rich— Friday, 8/23/19

Show Topics:

  • Rich has officially finished the amazon show, “The Boys” and has his eye on starlight. Even better idea, he’ll be Homelander and his wife, Starlight      for Halloween.
  • Miley Cyrus is hooking up with Kaitlyn Carter Jenner and they’ve left their husbands, sucks for the husbands but it’s the hottest thing to us, this headline brings on the discussion of woman choosing woman because they understand each other; the talk of lesbians and how Covino agrees that if he was a woman, he too would be into girls. Men are dumb and look crazy most of the time, women can do no wrong. Covino roast himself how he wakes up looking like the 911 terrorist, Khalid Sheikh Mohaemmed.
  • There’s a woman who has gone viral because of her vagina juice, she uses it as perfume to attract men. Covino gives us a powerful tip of how to make someone love you forever, give them the “horoncho rub.”
  • A friend in need reaches out because they’ve accepted a new job that they hate, we talk how this is different than dating or a part-time job, this can be a huge dilemma. The talk of do you chose money or happiness with work.
  • Instagram is a social media app that is only used for bragging about yourself.
  • Do you have any tattoo’s? What about a butt-hole tattoo? A lady on social media is talking about hers and this conversation only comes about because Covino accepts a listeners invite into a group chat and it was brought up, it’s safe to say he’s leaving the group chat.
  • Out of nowhere, a listener calls with a huge problem…he was proposition by a friend to have sex with his wife! Would you do it? Rich would, if he was single!