Covino & Rich— Friday 8\21\20

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  • 8:05 AM We got happy national radio day shout outs yesterday but from people we don’t even care about! Where’s the love? (JK)
  • :10 AM How much longer do you need to work in order to retire?
  • :25 AM Rich finally catches wind of a viral story from 2001. Charles Ingram on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire… Ingram managed to win the show’s maximum prize of £1 million, though he was denied the winnings due to suspicion of cheating.
  • :46 AM There’s a new Netflix show that is raising questions about sexualizing children. It’s called “Cuties.”
  • :00 AM With zoom school happening, the teachers are requesting the parents to not micro manage… good luck!
  • :15 AM A coworker of ours sings like an angel. This quarantine is allowing us to see all of those hidden skills and hobbies.


  • :40 AM Rich throws up a meme that is a true teller of age, the Mac Tonight face for McDonald’s used nearly 40 years ago.
  • :45 AM Yesterday Rich went to the dentist and had a traumatizing experience as he discovered he has a mild case of gingivitis. He was so jumpy due to tender gums etc.
  • :55 AM All the Pain endured resulted in his taking Sara’s painkillers from child birth.


  • :11 AM Malin Akerman is here – She is talking her new film “The Sleepover” on Netflix, life being a mom, how she keeps her kid off of Tik Tok, he rehash some pressing questions we had about “Heartbreak Kid,” getting starstruck around legends, and the stress she feels to keep working because she, like majority of people lives paycheck to paycheck…
  • :45 AM Malin is so humble and has been in everything but these girls on social media with 1 million followers who’ve done nothing are so full of it!
  • :52 AM Rich has a way for us all to make quadrillions and it involves catching an asteroid in 2030 full of gold and metal.