Covino & Rich— Friday, 8/16/19

Show Topics:

  • Rich’s Pink Floyd shirt starts the music conversation, going back to the good ol’ days in college with the glow in the dark stars and lame posters. Rich was a sucker for Rusted Root in college, and the guys go through their      favorite songs in college to listen to. 50 years ago the Woodstock celebration happened, and Covino addresses his moments of experiencing Woodstock or lack there of.
  • Today’s friend in need is asking the question of how to tell his wife to back off because she’s pushing her spirituality on him when he doesn’t believe. A story how one person changing in the marriage creates a shift. The guys weigh in on the importance of church, the struggle for Catholics and how the guys don’t go anymore. Rich’s main point is to not dismiss the church until you try it.
  • Was there a memorable point where you knew you matured? Rich acknowledges his moment of maturing through how he now doesn’t care about having female attention as much as he did when he was younger… or is it that there’s no more hot chicks in office? None of that matters because he’s wife Sara calls in to clear things up!  
  • Covino and Rich talk about how they were brought up on Jeff Lewis live as their guest Tom Arnold couldn’t stop talking about how the guys carpooling is an excuse to jerk each other in the fast lane.
  • Ran Dumb News: Simon Cowell can’t judge people anymore because he looks odd from surgery and weight loss; Mike Posner decided to walk across the country and gets bit by a rattlesnake; Connor McGregor punches old guy at bar; Would you be OK with your sex tape in the universe? The talk of making faceless porn.